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Now you can launch meetings directly from your team’s Slack channels.

The integration provides a logical (and highly requested) launch point for meetings. By posting /joinme into a Slack channel a session is created, and the corresponding viewer link and session data (including dial-in numbers) is pushed out to all group members. Viewers need only to click that meeting link to instantly connect to the meeting through their browser. The integration adds screen sharing, audio, and video to any Slack channel. Slack integration

Users of the integration can also ‘brag’ to other group members about how many sessions they’ve hosted by posting ‘/joinme brag’ into the Slack thread. This slash command will also indicate how long someone has been a user. (For a full list of /joinme commands type '/joinme help' in Slack)

/ brag

Current users can link their accounts seamlessly with Slack. New users can sign up for an account to be used via Slack as well. Need some help? Check out our help page.